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Our bait is used by many of the country’s finest match anglers, as they believe it gives them an edge when it comes to competitions. See what they had to say...


“Match anglers are always looking for an all important ‘edge’ that will help them win more competitions. 

Good tackle is needed but when you add the best bait to the equation, it’s a powerful combination... I’ve used Lanes Bait maggots and casters for more than 40 years and during that time, they have given me a huge ‘edge’ in big events. Quite simply, it’s the best!”


“I’ve been a Lanes customer for over five years now and although I live 20 miles away, using Lanes is what I need to do to ensure that I have the best bait possible. When competing at the highest level, you can’t afford to use inferior bait thus flipping the coin....  Lanes is a cracking family run business, with the best staff to suit and although I’m a match angler they have extensive knowledge on every discipline in the sport.”


“Living in the West Midlands, I am very fortunate as not only can I get to Lanes within the hour, but Lanes bait is also available from several shops more local to me too. Quite simply, I wont use anything else if I can help it. It is the biggest, freshest, best bait out there and it has won me ten of thousands of pounds over the last couple of years.”


“I've been a regular at Lanes for a while now, the staff are brilliant.. always friendly and helpful. It's a really well stocked shop for match fishing and anything I'm struggling to find is normally in stock which is brilliant. The bait is unbelievably good and it's like this week in, week out and as a lot of my fishing is done with maggots and casters, knowing I've got the best bait possible is a massive advantage to me when I'm on the bank!”

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