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The business first started in 1936 when Billy Lane senior bought a fishing tackle shop in Much Park Street formerly known as Storers which was renamed W.H. Lane and son. Billy Lane junior worked part time in the shop alongside his father.


Billy Lane junior was called up to fight in the war for the R.A.F in 1940. He then went on to meet Nora in 1943 who he later married in 1946. They had two children together the first being Alan 23rd February 1948 then Anne 19th May 1949. Billy worked full time in the shop alongside his wife and both children.


The business then moved to its current location 31-33 London rd. In 1966. Billy died in 1980 at the age of 58. Only son Alan took the shop on and extended the premises to 31-35 London rd and built the business up to what it is today. Alan then went on to breeding maggots and built LANES BAIT which still boasts the worlds best maggots! 


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William Henry Lane
Billy Lane junior was the first English world freshwater champion. He achieved this honour in 1963 in Luxembourg on the River Moselle. Billy was idolised by many anglers not only from Coventry but around the country. He was way ahead of his time with his fishing techniques realising the importance of the right tackle for the right job and the edge that top quality bait gives you. Billy was a thinking angler that understood what went on underwater, for this reason he developed float company ULTRA .


He designed many float patterns from mini missiles to big sliders. His theories on fish and there behaviour is still widely viewed to this day. Billy had many other medals to his name other than the world championship some of which were: 2x River Ouse Championships, 6x River Nene championship. and  perhaps most prestigious of all his Trentman awards.


This particular match each year comprised a field of 1200 plus anglers and Billy won 3x Silver Trentman badges, awarded when an angler attains three Trentman sections in five years, so Billy won 9 Trentman sections together with two blue Trentman badges given when an angler won a section three years running.


Also a keen game angler Billys personal best salmon weighed 36lb 8oz caught from the River Wye at Symonds Yat in 1975.

Alan Lane

Alan won many angling open matches from an early age beating fields of up to 400 junior anglers. He was also suited to team fishing representing Coventry from an early age. Alans favourite form of fishing was without doubt on the countrys rivers, with trophies claimed from the Wye, Severn, Trent and Avon just to name a few. He was also well adapted to stillwaters with match wins from Coombe Abbey in Coventry and held the match record at Thrapston gravel pits for some time, with a big weight of bream.


Alan also excelled at game fishing catching Salmon from the UK’s rivers including the Tweed, Wye, Spey, Severn, Dee and many more.


Although a keen match angler Alan gave it up and became more involved with the business, building the shop up and opening many accounts with some of the worlds best brands. He also started wholesaleing tackle and bait, Alan had a real eye for business, taking many chances along the way.


Alan fished right the way through his life enjoying every moment of it, he was just as at home on the side of the canal as he was in a boat on the middle of the Junction Pool on the River Tweed. 

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